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Welcome to my writers site "Cherenancy", Pen in a Bottle: Writer Emerging, a display for my new and old writings. Enjoy your visit and don't forget to leave a note (link in the side bar.)

What is "Pen in a bottle" all about???  Think about a bottle floating on the sea with a pen in it...

In 1985 I found my work to be childish.  Figuratively I bunged my pen into a corked bottle and threw it out onto the sea of life.  I stopped writing and turned to photography and other arts to explore my creativity intending to return to it by age 35, the age of philosophical maturity.

In 2003, when I turned 37, I found my pen beached on my desk, ready to use (actually, it had morphed into a computer keyboard by that time) and I rediscovered the joys of writing.  The author in me is emerging matured and ready to embrace you.  

Finally, I put together a book of my collected works (pictured above) which is ready for sale.  Please click on Book Shop on the side bar for ordering instructions.

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List of Published Work:

Montreal, Canada

Reflections of Islam (c) 2006


South Africa

Ramadan: Reverts Speak, Al-Ummah, page 12, vol 6 Edition 9 Ramadan/Shawwal 1426, September/October 2005

> Breaking fast with the Umah at Concordia University, Montreal, a yearly tradition.

The Splitting. The Straight Path, Ramadan to Dul Qa'dah 1426; and An Nisaa, October to December 2005

> A revert speaks of how she came to Islam (Personal reflection)



What Mosque Do You Go To? The Muslim Weekly, Issue No: 058 Date: 10-16 December 2004

> Descriptive article of a conversation with a Muslim whose Islam has been diluted by emphasis on tradition.



Umm; The Window Faced West; and My Jihad, The Islamic Writers Alliance Anthology: Many Voices, One Faith: Islamic Writers Alliance Anthology 1. 2004 See

> A poem and two stories reflecting the experiences of a convert to Islam.

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